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Free apps for physical fitness & exercise

“Make it easy, then make it hard. Start with what you can do and build from there.”

– Anonymous

Home Workout – No Equipments (Free)

No equipment needed: Exercise anywhere, anytime—home, gym, or outdoors.

Customized goals: Plans for muscle gain, weight loss, or staying fit.

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Trails: Hike, Bike & Run (Free)

Discover over 400,000 trails around the world by location, interest and skill level.


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Nike Training Club (Free)

Step-by-step workout instruction (photo and video demonstrations) by real athletes like Serena Williams.

Customizable duration: Choose workouts from 7 to 45 minutes that target all body areas

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7 Minute Workout (Free)

Just 7 minutes per session: The app features 12 exercises, each lasting 30 seconds with 10-second breaks.

Simple Setup: You only need a chair and a wall.

High-Intensity Circuit Training (HICT): This method is established as the safest, most effective way to enhance muscular and aerobic fitness.

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Daily Workouts – Fitness Coach (free)

Over 100 Exercises: Dive into a vast library of workouts, including 10 to 30-minute randomized full-body routines.

Complete most workouts without internet access—only streaming videos need connectivity.

Each exercise crafted by a certified personal trainer for optimal results.

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Down dog (Free trial)

Though not entirely free, its quality justifies the cost.

Set your own workout parameters including time, type, and music.

From yoga to HIIT, find workouts that fit your lifestyle.

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