Motivate your employees with rewards

Those who live healthy lives are rewarded. Every employee saves Lifecoins for interesting rewards. Check-ups around mental health or simply stepping out with colleagues, it all earns Lifecoins and thus rewards!

Rewarding employees is a win-win

Differentiate yourself in job applications

Reinforce loyalty

Corporate Social Responsibility

Increase engagement

+15 charities

+80 partners

Add your own rewards

Perfectly manageable and customizable

Choose your own monthly budget and add your own unique rewards

Boost your well-being and undertake social responsibility

Win the war for talent by caring about your employees and the planet

More and more people value the“purpose” of your business. They also ask what you as an employer are doing for their health.

Through the Bevoy app, employees increase their own well-being and support a charity, plant a tree or choose a reward that makes their lives better. A win-win situation that allows you as a company to really make a difference in the war for talent.

Do you also value well-being at work?

Discuss your wellness challenge with our team and learn about our approach during a 30-minute call.