Physical well-being at work: Comprehensive tips for colleagues

Physical well-being is crucial for our overall health and productivity, especially in an office environment. Following our recent survey on ergonomics and physical health, we want to delve deeper into how you, as a colleague, can improve your physical well-being at work.

1. Ergonomics: Optimally setting up your workspace

Good ergonomics is more than just a comfortable chair; it’s a holistic approach to your workspace:

  • Adjust your chair and desk: Ensure your feet can lie flat on the ground and your arms are at desk height.
  • Screen position: Your screen should be at eye level to reduce neck and eye strain.
  • Change your posture: Working standing up, using exercise balls, or ergonomic chairs can help reduce back pain.

2. Initiatives for physical health

Personal responsibility is key, but company support is also important:

  • Fitness and sports groups: Participate in activities organized by the company or start your own group.
  • Bevoy Circle: Take advantage of daily challenges such as walking or yoga.
  • Flexible workspaces: Use standing desks or flexible work areas to encourage movement.

3. The Importance of breaks

Breaks are beneficial not just for your mind, but also for your body:

  • Regular breaks: Take a few minutes each hour to move and stretch.
  • Fresh air: A short walk outside can be both refreshing and invigorating.
  • Mindfulness and relaxation: Consider short meditation or breathing exercises to reduce stress.

4. Encouragement for physical activity

A company culture that promotes movement can have a positive impact:

  • Flexible break options: Discuss the possibility of adjusting breaks for physical activities.
  • Team challenges: Participate in collective health challenges to promote team spirit and well-being.

5. Prolonged posture and Movement

Being aware of your posture throughout the day can help prevent chronic pain:

  • Stretch and flex: Perform simple stretching exercises to reduce muscle tension.
  • Walking meetings: Consider walking meetings for a change of scenery and movement.
  • Periodic reminders: Set reminders to move or change posture.


Improving your physical well-being at work requires a combination of personal initiatives and company support. By consciously paying attention to your work environment, moving regularly, and participating in health programs, you can greatly contribute to your own health and that of your colleagues. Every small step towards better physical well-being is a step towards a healthier and happier life at work.

Your well-being is our priority!

At our organisation, you are never alone. Whether you have something on your mind, a question or just need a listening ear, you can always make a report anonymously or contact HR or a confidential advisor. You can do this via the menu in the Bevoy app. Because your well-being is our priority!