Financial Well-being at the Workplace

In our professional life, financial well-being plays a key role, not only for our material security but also for our mental well-being and job satisfaction. A good understanding and management of our financial situation contribute to a sense of security and satisfaction. In this guide, we explore how, as an employee, you can optimize your finances and align them with your personal and professional goals.

1. Comfort with salary

It’s important to feel comfortable with your salary as it has a major impact on your lifestyle and financial security.

  • Evaluate your expenses: Check if your spending pattern aligns with your income.
  • Open dialogue: Do not hesitate to engage in conversations about salary increases or promotion opportunities if needed.

2. Satisfaction with financial benefits

The financial benefits of a company, such as pension plans and insurances, are crucial for long-term security.

  • Know the benefits: Make sure you are fully aware of all the financial benefits your organization offers.
  • Make Optimal Use: Take advantage of available pension plans and insurances to strengthen your financial future. Also, do not forget the Bevoy app that rewards you daily by filling the Bevoy circle.

3. Management of finances

Good financial management is key to achieving personal and professional goals.

  • Budgeting: Develop a personal budget to manage your expenses and savings goals.
  • Financial planning: Consider long-term planning for larger financial goals.

4. Salary and financial goals

Your salary should align with your financial goals to lead a satisfying life.

  • Set goals: Set realistic financial goals that match your current salary.
  • Seek advice: Consider financial advice if you need help achieving your goals.

5. Company support and financial training

It’s valuable for a company to offer resources or training to manage personal finances.

  • Take advantage of training: Make use of any financial education programs the company offers.
  • Give feedback: Share feedback on additional support or training you would find useful.



Financial well-being is an integral part of your overall satisfaction and performance at work. By proactively managing your finances, being aware of the benefits your company offers, and using available resources, you can work towards a stable and secure financial future. Remember that open communication and setting realistic goals are crucial in this process.

Your well-being is our priority!

At our organisation, you are never alone. Whether you have something on your mind, a question or just need a listening ear, you can always make a report anonymously or contact HR or a confidential advisor. You can do this via the menu in the Bevoy app. Because your well-being is our priority!