How can I, as a co-worker, improve the facilities at work?

As a co-worker, it is important to have a good workspace that is comfortable and functional. Whether you work in an office or another workspace, there are several ways you can contribute to improving the facilities at work.

1: Provide feedback to management

One of the first steps you can take to improve the facilities at work is by providing feedback to management. If you notice something is missing or there are problems with the current facilities, discuss this with your manager. Management can then take action to improve the situation.

2: Keep the workspace clean

It is important to have a clean workspace, as this contributes to a healthy and pleasant working environment. Take the time to clean and maintain your workspace. For example, clean your desk, empty the trash, and keep the floor clean.

3: Take initiative

Do not wait for others to make changes. Take initiative and make proposals to improve the facilities. This can range from small changes, such as proposing a new coffee machine, to larger projects, such as setting up a committee to implement sustainability measures.

4: Introduce greenery

Plants have a positive effect on health and mood. Ask if you can introduce plants in the workplace to improve the atmosphere and air quality.

5: Organize events and meetings

Het organiseren van evenementen en bijeenkomsten kan een effectieve manier zijn om bewustzijn en betrokkenheid te creëren rondom het verbeteren van de faciliteiten op het werk. Dit kan variëren van informele lunchbijeenkomsten tot meer gestructureerde workshops of brainstormsessies, gericht op het bespreken van ideeën en het uitwisselen van ervaringen.


mproving the facilities at work is a joint responsibility that concerns both co-worker and management. As a co-worker, you can play an important role in promoting a pleasant and productive working environment by actively participating in the improvement process. By communicating openly, taking initiative, promoting a positive work culture, setting a good example, organizing events, and working with facility management, you can make a difference in the quality of facilities at your workplace. 

Remember that change takes time and requires patience and perseverance to see real improvements. But with a joint effort and a shared vision of a better work environment, co-workers and management can work together to significantly improve the facilities at work and contribute to a positive and productive work culture.

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