Practical tips for more effective communication at work

In a work environment, clear and effective communication is essential for success and well-being. It ensures clarity, reduces misunderstandings, and contributes to a positive company culture. Below are some concrete tips that you can immediately apply to improve communication in your workplace:

1. Take the initiative in information provision

Don’t wait passively for information to reach you. Actively search for updates about the organization through available channels. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear.

2. Know your resources

Ensure that you know where to turn for support with work-related challenges. This means knowing the contact details of the trusted person or psychosocial prevention advisor and knowing how to reach them.

3. Be actively involved in changes

Actively provide feedback on new policies and changes. Your perspective can offer valuable insights and help refine communication strategies.

4. Evaluate and improve leadership communication

Reflect on the communication style of the management. Is there room for improvement? Bring your suggestions forward, possibly through an anonymous feedback channel.

5. Open dialogue with superiors

Be open and honest in your communication with superiors. A proactive stance in sharing your ideas and concerns can improve mutual communication and collaboration.

6. Optimize written communication

Pay attention to the clarity of written communication within the organization. Are there ways to improve readability and understandability? Suggestions in this regard are always welcome.

7. Stay informed about safety and health

Make sure you are always up-to-date on health and safety aspects of your work. Participate in relevant training and read updates on safety protocols.


By implementing these tips, you can play an active role in improving communication within your work environment. Good communication starts with the individual and has a positive impact on the entire team and the organization.

Your well-being is our priority!

At our organisation, you are never alone. Whether you have something on your mind, a question or just need a listening ear, you can always make a report anonymously or contact HR or a confidential advisor. You can do this via the menu in the Bevoy app. Because your well-being is our priority!