Chapter 1
Healthy habits

“Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

– James Clear

Identify Your Big Why

Focus on the deeper purpose behind your habits.

Set habits that align with major goals.

For example, don’t just hit the gym—work on creating a physique that boosts your confidence.

Leverage Systems Over Willpower

Acknowledge that willpower and motivation are limited and can falter. 

Implement systems and external aids to make maintaining routines more effortless.

For example, use a daily planner app to automatically track and remind you of your tasks, reducing the need to rely on memory or motivation.


Three Layers of Behavior Change

Behavior change happens at three levels:

  • outcomes
  • processes
  • identity

Rather than starting with outcome-based goals like losing 20 pounds, begin by shifting your identity. This approach targets deeper, more lasting change.

Embrace Identity-Based Habits

Your self-perception strongly influences your behavior.

Temporary efforts like sporadic gym visits or healthy meals won’t stick without a change in identity.

Aim to become a reader, not just to finish a book; become a runner, not just to run a marathon; become a musician, not just to learn an instrument.

Habits Shape Identity

Your habits manifest your identity. 

Repeating behaviors solidifies the identity linked with those actions.

Writing daily casts you as a creative person. Training daily molds you into an athletic individual.


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