Chapter 3
Time management

“To do two things at once is to do neither.”

– Publius Syrus

Focus on One Task at a Time

Task switching harms productivity.

Train your brain to focus on only one thing.

Stow your phone, shut unnecessary apps and browser tabs. Dive deep into your task until it’s complete before moving on.

Tackle the Most Important Task (MIT) First

Kick off your day with the task that matters most.

Your MIT should be the task with the greatest impact.

Completing it early brings momentum and a sense of achievement, paving the way for major achievements through daily effort.

Prepare Your Day Ahead

Each night, take 5 minutes to list tomorrow’s tasks, aligning with your goals.

This preps your mind for the day’s challenges, cuts morning procrastination, and ensures smoother, quicker work.

Implement Time Limits

Create deadlines, even if unnecessary, by allocating less time for tasks, enhancing focus.

According to Parkinson’s Law, work fills the time allotted. Less time means sharper focus and quicker completion.

Speed Up Minor Decisions

Focus energy on major decisions; quickly resolve smaller ones.

Small choices, like attire or meals, affect a day.

Medium ones, like education or living arrangements, influence a year.

Yet, few decisions impact the long term—these deserve thorough consideration and effort.

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