Measure and improve the well-being of your team

Improve company culture, increase retention and reduce absenteeism, all in one place.

All-in-one wellness app for every employee

Encourage active lifestyle

Encourage your employees to live a more active lifestyle by rewarding steps, biking, exercise and breaks with Lifecoins. Automatic registration via smartphone or tracker.

Challenges with colleagues

Strengthen team spirit with joint challenges such as going around the world, cycling the Tour of Flanders or moving together for charity.

Attractive rewards

Have employees support charities or treat themselves with attractive rewards. Set your own monthly budget and add unique rewards.

Anonymous feedback

Collect anonymous feedback on mental health (Check-up) and organizational culture (Check-in) via short questionnaires. Earn Lifecoins and receive valuable insights & tips.

Support for mental well-being

Give your team access to valuable mental health tips and help the in-house HR department or our EAP partners

Clear HR dashboard

Insights for employee and management. Map well-being in real time through aggregated data and short pulse questions.

They rely on the Bevoy wellbeing app

"Structured well-being rather than sporadic."

Your employees: the heart of your business

Talent retention is essential to organizational success.

With Bevoy, our innovative wellness app, create an engaging work environment that keeps employees happy, engaged and loyal.

Reduce employee turnover, save on recruitment costs and strengthen your image as an employer.

By investing in health initiatives and data-driven insights, you build a healthier workplace and promote sustainable growth with happy, motivated employees.

Retaining top talent

  • Create an attractive, vital work environment
  • Increase satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Reduce employee turnover and save on recruitment costs

Boost your Employer Branding

  • Offer the innovative Bevoy wellness app
  • Give your organization a unique look
  • Show that you prioritize the health and well-being of your employees

Encourage productivity

  • Invest in the health of your employees
  • Make stress manageable and prevent burnout
  • Go for a healthier, more energetic workplace

Measure and increase satisfaction

  • Use data-driven insights to monitor and improve well-being
  • Encourage positive changes in corporate culture
  • Promote sustainable growth through happy and motivated employees

Employee Wellness: The key to business success and growth

As an HR manager, you play a crucial role in creating a thriving work environment where employees can grow and perform.

Investing in workplace wellness programs is a smart strategy to get the best out of your employees and organization.

Discover some impressive statistics below that show how investing in wellness has a positive impact on retention, engagement, absenteeism and overall business performance.

An ROI of 4.10

Deloitte estimates that every euro invested in mental health programs in the workplace yields as much as €4.10.

31% less turnover

A study by the SHRM found that organizations with robust wellness programs benefit from 31% lower employee turnover.

2.6x more engagement

Employees who feel valued in their overall well-being are 2.6 times more engaged in their work, according to Gallup research.

26% less absenteeism

The Integrated Benefits Institute shows that workplace wellness programs can reduce absenteeism by as much as 26%.

Meet the team behind the Bevoy app

Shaping the future of HR in a data-driven way

Bevoy was founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs who recognized the need for a comprehensive, inclusive and engaging corporate wellness solution.

Through our own experiences, we realized that traditional employee wellness programs were often not personalized and did not address the full spectrum of wellness and corporate culture.

We embarked on a mission to change that by creating an all-in-on app that supports employee well-being and provides actionable insights for HR managers and CEOs.

Do you also value well-being at work?

We are happy to introduce you to our application. This is how, together, we create the best version of your employees and your organization.