Supporting Mental Well-being at the workplace

Mental well-being is a crucial aspect of our overall health and productivity, especially at the workplace. Below are some tips to support and promote mental well-being in the work environment.

1. Response of leaders to psychosocial issues

It’s important for leaders to respond quickly and adequately to issues affecting mental well-being. As an employee, you can:

  • Open communication: Be open about your challenges and needs related to mental well-being.
  • Seek support: Do not hesitate to ask for help in addressing psychosocial problems.

2. Mental refreshment after the workday

 Ending with a sense of mental freshness is essential. To achieve this:

  • Set boundaries: Ensure work and private life remain separate to prevent mental exhaustion.
  • Relaxation techniques: Use techniques such as meditation or breathing exercises to unwind after work. Don’t forget to fill your Bevoy circle 🙂

3. Staying relaxed under work pressure

High work pressure can be stressful. To stay relaxed:

  • Stress management: Learn techniques to effectively manage stress.
  • Take breaks: Regular breaks help to relieve mental pressure.

4. Discussing mental health at work

It’s important that mental health is a discussable topic at the workplace. Try:

  • Create an open culture: Encourage a culture where discussing mental health is normal.
  • Use available resources: Take advantage of any discussion groups or support services the organization offers.

5. Resources for managing mental health

An organization should provide sufficient resources for managing mental health. Consider:

  • Evaluate available resources: Are you aware of the resources the organization offers for mental well-being? Through the Bevoy app, you can always contact your well-being representative.
  • Give feedback: Share your opinion on how the organization can improve its support in the area of mental health.


Supporting mental well-being at the workplace is a joint effort of both the employees and the organization. By openly communicating, setting boundaries, and utilizing available resources, a healthier and more supportive work environment can be created. Your contribution and feedback are essential in this process.

Your well-being is our priority!

At our organisation, you are never alone. Whether you have something on your mind, a question or just need a listening ear, you can always make a report anonymously or contact HR or a confidential advisor. You can do this via the menu in the Bevoy app. Because your well-being is our priority!