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next episode 🗓️ May 10, 2023 - 12:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Episode 7: Measuring and improving corporate culture

🗓️ May 10, 2023 - noon

What techniques are effective in measuring and assessing the health of your corporate culture? How do you encourage organizational culture change? What strategies exist to engage employees and gain buy-in for cultural change initiatives? During this webinar, you’ll learn ways to assess the health of your corporate culture and make changes to improve it.
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Episode 5: Promoting diversity and inclusion

🗓️ April 13, 2023 - noon

During this webinar you will learn best practices for creating a diverse and inclusive work culture, including diversity training and inclusive hiring practices.

How do you address unconscious biases in the workplace?
What recruitment and decision-making processes promote diversity and inclusion?
How does diversity and inclusion provide a competitive advantage?


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Episode 6: A culture of continuous learning with Jos Borremans

🗓️ April 25, 2023 - noon

The importance of continuous learning and development for employee growth and retention. Strategies for fostering a culture of continuous learning, including the use of technology and the creation of training and development opportunities. The role of leadership and HR in promoting continuous learning and supporting employee growth.
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