Because daily exercise works

Simply for everyone

Daily instead of sporadically

Inclusive for all

Effortless registration

How much activity is needed to fill the circle?

Fill the Bevoy circle by walking, cycling, exercising or meditating.

You choose that for yourself:

  • Or 10,000 steps
  • Or cycling 10 kilometers
  • Or 50 minutes of exercise
  • Or meditating for 10 minutes
  • Or a combination of the above activities

Activating all employees is much more important than creating top athletes.

Earn Lifecoins and redeem them for rewards

Lifecoins are the currency in the Bevoy application. You earn Lifecoins by walking, biking, exercising, meditating or filling out questionnaires.

Redeem Lifecoins for interesting rewards from partners (such as charities or vouchers at stores) or rewards from the organization (such as a sponsored T-shirt or an extra vacation day).

Each day you earn a maximum of 10 Lifecoins. Thus, filling the entire Bevoy circle will earn you 10 Lifecoins. Fortunately, every effort is rewarded. With minimal effort, you earn Lifecoin immediately.

An incentive for your employees

The benefits of regular exercise are numerous supported by science. Mentally and physically healthy employees perform better in all areas.

More productivity

Less absenteeism

Clear mind

More creativity

More motivation

More efficiency

Less anxiety and depression

More loyalty

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Why do we strive for a full Bevoy circle?

There is ample evidence that it is best not to sit still for too long. Flemish Institute for Healthy Living has published a
summary report
made of several international studies.


  • Sitting still for long periods of time creates “dormant” muscles that slow down your metabolic processes.
  • Exercise every half hour is the message.
  • You don’t work away the negative effect of sitting just by getting some exercise in the evening.
  • You neutralize the effects of sitting still for long periods of time by getting at least 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week.

And be sure to watch the video below for the effect of sitting too much and for too long.

Do you also value well-being at work?

Discuss your wellness challenge with our team and learn about our approach during a 30-minute call.