Find out all about the Sports Company label

All companies that encourage their employees to play more sports and exercise can earn the sports company label. As icing on the cake, you also have a chance to become Sports Business of the Year by participating in the Sports Business Award.

"After all, such a label can also be interesting in attracting new employees for whom sport and exercise are important."

What is the sports company label?

The sports company label is an initiative of Sport Vlaanderen. With the label, Sport Vlaanderen wants to give recognition to companies that deserve it.

You can apply for the Sports Company label throughout the year. Once the label was awarded to your company it remains valid for 2 years. The label puts your company on the map and is the push in today’s war for talent.

"After all, such a label can also be interesting in attracting new employees for whom sport and exercise are important."

Who can be labeled a sports company?

How can you become a sports company?

You must meet a minimum of 4 of the 7 main criteria. In addition, at least 4 of these main criteria require you to meet half of the sub-criteria to get the label.

In brief: 7 criteria for becoming a sports company

1. Establish a policy

Develop a policy with a working group based on an analysis, a plan, a budget and provide a review time.

2. Provide ambassadors

Provide ambassadors who support, help implement and help shape the policy.

3. Promote to employees

Promote exercise and sports at work through a communication campaign.

4. Organize initiatives

Provide actions around sports and exercise inside and outside the company.

5. Provide infrastructure

Make it easy for employees to move by providing the necessary infrastructure.

6. Encourage commuting

Take initiatives to encourage commuting such as bicycle reimbursement.

7. Enlist quality external guidance

Engage qualified instructors to get employees moving.

In detail: 7 criteria to become a sports company

  • Management supports the initiatives

  • A budget has been prepared

  • There is a working group on exercise, sports and health

  • There is collaboration with other services (prevention service, HR, technical service, etc.)

  • There is a needs analysis around sports and exercise behavior, commuting

  • There is an action plan with objectives regarding exercise, sports, commuting

  • There is also a health policy (nutrition, smoking cessation, mental well-being, etc.)

  • There is an annual review of operation

  • There is insurance for employees who play sports

  • Other

  • The company has one or more exercise and sports ambassadors

  • The exercise and sports ambassadors are members of the working group on exercise, sports and


  • There are colleagues who guide activities or give sports initiations (yoga, hiking,

    walking, …)

  • The exercise and sports ambassador is given additional hours and space in his/her

    work schedule to engage as an ambassador

  • There is an exercise and sports ambassador in multiple departments/entities

  • Other

  • There is a campaign image with name and logo
  • There are posters, leaflets, stickers,…
  • Communication via newsletter, intranet, bulletin board, TV screens, whatsapp, social
    media, …
  • There is a private sporting outfit
  • Other

Actions in the company

    • There are regular sports offerings (including class series, challenges, tournament, offerings for homeschoolers, etc.)

    • There are regular exercise promotions (10,000 steps, elevatorless day, taking the stairs more, offer for home-based workers, …)

    • There are actions around alternating work, prolonged sitting breaks

    • Other

Actions outside the company

    • Participation in recreational sporting events (city run, walk, Warmathon, etc.)
    • There is an annual field day or sports team day
    • Participates in a company sports league (volleyball, soccer, etc.)
    • Offers its staff sports vouchers or a sports pass (fitness, swimming card,

      club, …) to

Within the domain of the company

  • There is an in-house gym, fitness room or sports hall

  • There are showers, locker rooms, lockers

  • There is an outdoor sports area (sports field, grass field, forest, …)

  • Sports equipment is available (Frisbee, kubb, balls, ping pong table, …)

  • There is dynamic office furniture (sit/stand tables, sit ball, etc.)

  • Other

Outside the domain of the company

  • Uses a park or forest nearby
  • Uses external sports infrastructure (gymnasium, fitness center, swimming pool,


  • Has or is taking steps to establish a Career (walking route) or Zen sports platform in cooperation with Sport Flanders

  • Other

  • A bicycle allowance is offered

  • There is possibility of leasing a bicycle

  • Service bicycles are available for service travel

  • Actions are organized to encourage commuting

  • There is participation in national campaigns ikv alternative mobility to the

    work (Bike2work, #ikfietstowork, …)

  • Company provides gadget (fluorescent jacket, helmets, bike bell)

  • Has secure bicycle parking with adequate capacity or there are charging stations for

    electric bicycles

  • Other

  • Qualified instructors are used for sports/exercise sessions

  • There is an exercise and sports coach (broader than teaching)

So how do you become Sports Company of the Year?

To be eligible for the Sports Business Award and its associated prize, a minimum 5 of the 7 main criteria are met. The company with the highest score across all criteria wins the prize and the award “The Sports Company 2022. Registration will be available beginning in fall 2022.

Submit by December 31

Meet the Label sports company + 1 additional criterion

Achieve the highest score across all criteria

Become Sports Company of the Year within 1 of 5 categories

The award distinguishes between small, medium and large companies in the following five categories:

  1. Profit 10 < 50 employees
  2. Profit 50 <-> 250 employees
  3. Profit > 250 employees
  4. Nonprofit < 250 employees
  5. Nonprofit > 250 employees

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